All I want for Christmas is… Nothing actually, I’m a Leicester fan!
16th December 2015

All I want for Christmas is… You know what, nothing. I’ve had all my Christmas’ rolled into one this year.
The past four-and-a-half months have provided me with enough presents as a Leicester City fan to last a lifetime.

Written off by all the so-called experts at the start of the season after the appointment of new manager Claudio Ranieri, the local pie shops have all run out of the ‘Humble’ variety.

As it stands, we are currently sitting top of the Premier League and have the current Manager of the Month and Player of the Month. Oh yes, we also have the Premier League’s record-breaking goalscorer as well, the player with the most assists, three of the fastest players in the top flight…. Need I go on? Suffice to say life as a Leicester City fan is rather good at the moment.

Ah yes said the doubters, but you have yet to play any of the so-called top teams, wait until December when you’ll face Manchester United, Swansea, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool and Manchester City.

14th December 2015 - Barclays Premier League - Leicester City v Chelsea - Riyad Mahrez of Leicester City celebrates after scoring the 2nd (2-0) - Photo: Paul Roberts / Offside.

The Leicester City players celebrate Riyad Mahrez’s goal against Chelsea.

Well, you know what? Bring it on. Three games into that run and we have taken seven points from the opposition. We are now nine, yes that’s right nine, points ahead of fifth place. We could lose the next three and still go into January in the top four.

Living outside Leicester as I do, it is great to hear the fans praising the club for what they are achieving this season. It’s almost as if we are becoming every person’s favourite second team.

But the experts are still not prepared to give Leicester City the credit they deserve, saying we are only doing well because the other teams are doing badly. Hardly our fault that. We can only play against the teams put out against us, and if other teams contrive to throw their season away, the Foxes will gladly continue on our merry way up the league.

16 games in and top of the table; is it ours to lose? According to the stats no team that has had 35 points after 16 games has failed to finish outside the top four. If we can carry on that stat, then Champions League here we come. I better start searching for my passport.

The good thing is, as an Everton fan pointed out to me, we may be top but we would still be happy with a sixth-placed finish. How many other teams could say that?

In my mid-50s and possibly going through a mid-life crisis, I get my first tattoo this week. I have never liked them but as it is Leicester City themed I will sit through the pain barrier to have it done. Slightly mad? Maybe! But then if I said at the start of August that Leicester would be top of the league now you would have had me carted off by the men in white coats!

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