Burnley flying high without getting into “second gear”
28th October 2015

It happened again, but this time it shouldn’t have done. “We know how to win” said manager Sean Dyche after Burnley came away with back-to-back derby wins from Ewood Park.

Many fans want to stick the proverbial knife into the old enemy, giving it a sharp twist. The manner of the victory was enough, and when you don’t deserve it, it tastes that much sweeter.

That lot down the road have had it too good, for too long. The tide has turned – they know it, we know it. The steel money has long gone – Burnley are now the better team, certainly the better supported of the two clubs and have one of the best managers in the league.

Looking round Ewood Park on Saturday, 10,000 empty seats tells you that our once proud neighbours are voting with their feet ever since the Indian consortium, The Venky’s group, took over in 2010.

25th April 2015 - Barclays Premier League - Burnley v Leicester City - Burnley manger Sean Dyche - Photo: Simon Stacpoole / Offside.

Burnley manger Sean Dyche.

Dyche is unbeaten in five games against Rovers and Burnley have not lost in the derby for six years. The latest win brings the Clarets one behind in the head-to-head record at 40-41, and that includes a period with no win in 35 years!

Looking down from my vantage point in the Jack Walker stand, part of a posse of Burnley inclined reporters, Dyche and Bowyer cut chalk and cheese in their technical areas – whilst Dyche commanded his troops, Bowyer looked like a lost child in a shopping centre.

Much of the vitriol coming from that lot is that the Clarets got lucky. Blackburn fans will do well to remember the Martin Olsson dive, David Dunn’s last-minute offside goal, Lee Williamson’s red card on Danny Ings and, of course, the Jordan Rhodes shinned equaliser.

Burnley won the derby with a moment of quality, not a referee’s decision or mistake. Blackburn fans sing that “Jordan Rhodes scores when he wants”; well he had four chances to put Burnley to the sword and didn’t fancy any of them.

“We were done by a sucker punch, a wonder goal”. Bowyer’s summation was spot on, but his decision to play Nathan Delfouneso wasn’t. You wonder if Rovers have to play him as part of the embargo punishment.

A word on Scott Arfield, who has come full circle from his infamous back-pass in Dyche’s first Lancashire derby, when he played in Rhodes for that fortuitous equaliser. The Scot has got his mojo back now he is out wide again, and the Clarets will need more of the same from a player who contributed so much to the last promotion push.

Burnley come out of the encounter with Blackburn Rovers sitting third without really getting into second gear all season, and upcoming home matches against Huddersfield and Fulham offer the Clarets real scope to close the gap on league leaders Brighton and Hove Albion.

Talking of gaps, Blackburn Rovers will do well to mind it – Burnley have now more than double their points tally after just 13 games. That’s a poultry return from Rovers in anyone’s book.

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  1. Spot on. I love your style and you have encapsulated reality perfectly. We scored. We won.

    All the hot air from Bowyer is nothing in comparison with the cheating and luck they have had over the last few years.

    Deserved ground-out victory. Something their lost millions can’t approach. Oh, and a great team ethic. Brilliant manager. Wonderful custodians on the board (for all the flak they absorb).

    Anything else? Not really. UTC!!

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  2. Great article. We did ride our luck on Saturday, but as you say – they’ve enjoyed more than a little luck against us in recent years (Tugay’s massively deflected shot in 2005 also).

    Love the ‘poultry return’ comment too!!!

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  3. Get a life mate..
    u write well ill give you that but put some objectivity into your article.
    You lot down the road were lucky. Very lucky. i just cant bring myself to call by ur name (cl…thats enough).
    And for the umpteenth time stop this jack walker lark..he was ours, he helped us, we’re grateful. NOW GET OVER IT!
    Why dont u lot find ur own sugar daddy..oh hang on with dingles pockets being tighter than a…no chance!
    Anyway…dont give up ur day job…try insurance.
    Rovers Fan (in case the jack walkers penny didnt drop).

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    • Except that you wore your luck and cheating out many games ago. I think we played well enough – and you didn’t.

      Suck it up and take it like a man, for (at least) once!

      From – The Mighty Clarets!!

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