Where is Watford’s plan B?
9th September 2015

No one expected anything against a flourishing Manchester City side. The first half saw a resounding defensive display, and even Valeron Behrami did not gather his weekly yellow card. 

The second half was the issue, we lacked ideas. Did Flores set out his stall purely to evade embarrassment?

29 August 2015 Premier League Football - Manchester City v Watford;  Yaya Toure of City is tackled by Valon Behrami. Photo: Mark Leech

Now don’t get me wrong, I am delighted with the points secured so far. Yet we are far from sitting comfortably, we aren’t even sure of our squad which is of course causing Quique a migraine or two. My issue is based upon the first four games – we have no evident plan B. Classy Sterling scored from an eventual lapse of confidence but we had no reply, no intent to take the game to Manchester, which was upsetting to watch.

This elusive plan B needs to make the most out of Deeney. So far, many years of guile and guts has resulted in an anti-climax of a first month for captain Troy. What is discouraging is the manner in which he is being used by Quique. Words such as hardworking and battling are all we can mention thus far. As Watford fans though, we know Troy has far more quality which we really are not getting to see. Our attack needs to focus around this man – we stand little chance of survival if Deeney is not amongst the goals.

Deadline day saw attacking flair join, personally I question if these players will start immediately. I think we will still air on the side of caution and look to use the likes of Oulare and Ibarbo as impact players. For me, we need to be bold and play with intent, believe in our ability to press teams high up the field and cause mistakes. Let Watford start three up front and put teams on the back foot. We have bundles of energy in the squad so let’s use it right?

I hope we see a more ‘gung-ho’ approach soon, because the draws will not keep us up. I am missing the Hornets side that outscores others. The Premier League is a different matter however, so maybe I am secretly just missing the thrills and spills of the Championship.

Saturday will be a true test against a very exciting Swansea side. The international break will have served us well and allowed us crucial player bonding time for those not representing their countries. We are at home and we are wishing for our first win of the season – a win under the belt should ease nerves and instil belief.

Author: james

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  1. “we aren’t even sure of our squad”

    Really? We’ve named our squad now so we’re quite sure of it.

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  2. I am inclined to agree with you Brad. I have never liked just one up front. The whole principle smacks of defensive football and the hope of a breakaway goal. Frankly I have not seen any evidence of a Plan B as yet and Flores may do well to remember that point as a certain GFZ had to fall on his sword for the very same reason. I pay good money to watch Watford and most of all I want to be entertained. Yes I would prefer us to win but not at the cost of being bored to death. There has to be a balance between defensive and attacking football, we have yet to experience that this season.

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